IN PICTURES: Westcon Imagine 2014, Sydney (+64 photos)

The second leg of Westcon Imagine 2014 landed in Sydney at the Hilton Hotel. More than 450 attendees heard from a broad range of speakers including Westcon MD A/NZ, Dave Rosenberg, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) services and Cloud solutions director, Darryl Grauman. Famed pilot, Richard de Crespigny, detailed how the collaborative efforts of pilots, air hosts, and air traffic control led to the effective risk assessment which resulted in the safe landing of an Airbus A380 (Qantas Flight QF32) after it suffered uncontained (and at the time, unexplained) engine failure after leaving Singapore Changi Airport. There were also panel discussions on Data Privacy in 2014 and Making Cloud Profitable.Photos by IAN SHARP.

  • Westcon A/NZ managing director, Dave Rosenberg

  • Westcon Imagine 2014 in Sydney's Hilton.

  • Doors open.

  • Registration desk bombarded with attendees.

  • The F5 section, which also had pinball machines and other arcade gaming systems.

  • Firemon's booth.

  • Avaya's booth.

  • Got to be in it to win it.

  • Firemon getting plenty of attention.

  • F5's arcade.

  • ARN Editor, Allan Swann

  • A full house.

  • Westcon's Darryl Grauman

  • Richard de Crespgny, famed pilot and hero of the QF32 flight drama

  • The first panel: Data Privacy in Australia.

  • The first panel: Data Privacy in Australia.

  • The first panel: Data Privacy in Australia.

  • Arcade action at F5.

  • Demonstrating Smart Tech's smart tech.

  • EMC's break-out

  • Check Point's break-out

  • The Palo Alto/Aruba break-out

  • Juniper's break-out.

  • Westpac economist, Elliot Clarke.

  • The second panel: Making Cloud Profitable

  • Johanna Roberts and Michael Kahrilas

  • Peyman Alibeigi and Santiago Mandelburger.

  • Drew Carroll and Rob Spicer

  • The prize draw.

  • Optus' Jeremy Gallgher

  • Optus' Adam Pang

  • Geejay Schneewiess (GJ's Computer Services)

  • Budhdev Chugh (Cloud Services Consulting)

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