In Pictures: 7 iOS apps for developers on the go

Today’s developers need to be mobile to be efficient because problems don’t go away when you’re out of the office. This list of iOS apps promises to keep you connected and able to handle tasks regardless of where and when they come up.

  • iOS Apps for Developers Developers don't always get to choose where and when things happen. Sometimes you're on the move when things need to be handled and that means using your tablet or smartphone to address issues. We've compiled this handy list of iOS apps that programmers and developers can add to their mobile "toolbox."

  • Evernote Evernote is probably the most well-known app on this list and for good reason. One such reason is because you can access your data on whatever mobile device you choose, whether you're mobile platform is iOS, Windows or Android. This note-taking app allows you to keep everything in one place and keep it organized at the same time, including documents, text, images and more. There is also a growing list of third party add-ons and apps that allow you to add a host of different content. Upgrading to the premium version get you more storage (1 GB), offline notebooks and priority tech support. Price: Free Premium $5/monthly $45/annually

  • JavaScript Anywhere JavaScript Anywhere has been around since 2010 and receives favorable reviews and comments around the Web. You can edit and execute JavaScript, HTML and CSS code from your iOS device and preview in them in the internal browser. JSAny, as it's also known, lets you import projects and you can connect it to your Dropbox accounts. Price: Free

  • Prompt 2 Whether your server needs a reboot or you unexpectedly need to run a script, SSH on the road can save the day. Panic's Prompt 2 is one of several SSH tools available for iOS, but since its launch in 2011 this app has been picking up steam. It has Telnet support, VT100 capabilities, the capability to create server folders and more. Prompt 2 offers several new features over the older version such as a new design, improved security, editable clips to allow one touch access to your most used commands and a way to securely sync your passwords, keys and servers across all your iOS devices. Price: $9.99

  • Pythonista Whether you're trying to learn Python or you're an experienced developer who wants to use Python on your iPhone/iPad, Pythonista could be just what you're looking for. Designed by Ole Zorn, the creator of the app Editorial, this apps puts the full power of Python in your mobile device The newest version include support for the modules, numpy, matplotlib, ui and motion and an improved GUI for building user interfaces. Price: $6.99

  • Textastic Available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Textastic is a text editor much like Textmate. The app supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 markup and programming languages making it one of the more versatile editors available. Price: $8.99

  • TunnelBear If you are paying attention to current events, it's become evident that privacy whether from the government or a marketing company has become big news and big business. TunnelBear is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that masks your IP, forming a secure connection with servers around the globe reducing your digital footprint and the amount of your data that is shared with social media. What people seem to like most about it is the simplicity; a simple on/off button suffices but the negative that comes with that is that there aren't a lot of advanced options available for different settings. Free users are granted 500MBs of data each month. If you are willing to pony up the extra dough, you get unlimited data for $2.99 a month or $29.99 per year. Price: Free $2.99/Monthly $29.99/Annually

  • Working Copy Git is an important destination for many developers, so being able to access repositories on the go only makes sense -- and now you can. Working Copy is an iOS 8 app allows developers access to Git repositories to clone, edit, commit and push to your hearts content. You can also work on repositories offline. And the best part about it is the price. Price: Free

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