In Pictures: Check out RSA minus the booth babes

The world’s largest security show is operating under a booth babe ban, leaving exhibitors to stretch their imaginations to get more visitors to stop by.

  • Sans booth babes With booth babes – the provocatively clad women meant to draw more visitors to exhibit booths – officially banned from RSA Conference 2015, vendors were left to find alternatives, and they rose to the occasion. From security celebrities to food to quirky giveaways, attendees at the show were lured to spend time at exhibits they might have otherwise missed amid the crush of the crowd. Here are a few of them.

  • Stay classy RSA A phony Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell character in the 2004 movie “Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy”, played here by Darren Radeff.

  • GI Joe? A phony green toy soldier as depicted by Alex Decker.

  • Skyhigh A phony stewardess played by Anne Enero.

  • Book signing The real legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick signing his book Ghost in the Wires at the ZixCorp booth.

  • Future crimes The real author of Future Crimes Marc Goodman at Akamai’s exhibit.

  • Packing them in The real Nir Zuk, zillionaire founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks, actually doing booth duty as a pitchman and packing them in.

  • A booth babe? An impersonator of Marilyn Monroe, played by actress/model Camille Larrea of All Star Showgrams. (You can be the judge of whether this violates the spirit of the booth babe ban.)

  • Say hello to my little friend A real FBI tommy gun.

  • A pick me up Free espresso offered by Joe Rosenberg.

  • Smooth Free smoothies.

  • Need something to go with the smoothie? Free hot pretzels.

  • Caricatures Free caricatures by digital artist Zach Trenholm at the NTT Group booth, here drawing attendee Jake Martens.

  • Juggling act A juggler, Scott Meltzer.

  • Sleight of hand A magician, Chef Anton.

  • All locked up Lock-picking challenge – handcuffs, padlocks, etc. – at the Security Compass booth.

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