The Ford GT is absolutely sick with high-tech innovation and you need to know why

The 2017 Ford GT is a high-tech tour-de-force, and Ford does it all with a gasoline engine, lightweight materials and advanced aerodynamics.

  • Ford Design Director Chris Svensson gestures to those most lustworthy flying butresses.

  • This is what it looks like when you shrink-wrap carbon-fiber around a small-block engine. To some degree, the Ford GT looks halfway between a prototype sports car and a formula racer.

  • Air enters the channel beneath the flying buttress to eventually hit the Ford GT’s active wing. It also feeds the intercooler built into the wheel haunches.

  • Here’s the aero channel as seen through the back of the Ford GT. Note that you can clearly see daylight on the other side.

  • From this angle, the new Ford GT looks much more like the old Ford GT, and even the GT40 from the mid 1960s.

  • The entire body, chassis, and passenger cell are made of carbon-fiber, but it only remains unpainted on certain bits like the rocker panels.

  • Here’s the Ford GT’s carbon fiber wheel—before it’s painted black.

  • An extremely aggressive rear end. Surely, Ford expects this is the view that other drivers will be seeing on track days.

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