In Pictures: Robots that cook, clean, sing and dance

Cooking, learning language and doing the laundry are a few of the human skills demonstrated by.real humanoid bots featured in the National Geographic movie Robots.

  • Robots National Geographic’s movie Robots is making its way around theaters - including 3D - this summer featuring a range of robots with skills from cleaning to dancing to acting. Here are a few of them and their talents. These copyrighted images were provided by National Geographic.

  • Atlas Atlas is a hybrid electric/hydraulic robot that can perform a Karate Kid impersonation. He stands 6-feet, 6-inches tall and weighs 400 pounds and is built by Boston Dynamics.

  • CHIMP CHIMP moves on all fours and stands on two legs for tasks such as turning valves and using tools. At the DARPA Robotics Challenge it was the only bot to stand up after being knocked over. Made by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), CHIMP stands for CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform.

  • PR2 PR2 is designed as a housekeeping robot that can load clothes washers, fold clothes, set the dinner table, tie knots and remove and replace screw tops on bottles. It can run a marathon in 32 hours.

  • HERB HERB (Home Exploring Robot Butler) is a mashup of arms from Barrett Technology and three computers mounted on a Segway base. It can microwave food, clear the dinner dishes and sort books on a shelf.

  • HRP2 HRP2 (Humanoid Robot Project 2) can manipulate objects while supported by one hand. It can also lie down and get up again and pass through narrow passages. It was designed by Yutaka Izubuchi who creates robots for anime films.

  • Bert the ICub Bert the ICub, named for mathematician Bertrand Russell, is a language-learning robot that picks up word knowledge by interacting with humans.

  • NAO NAO is designed to be a companion for humans that can interact emotionally. It’s equipped to see, hear, speak, walk and dance.

  • Robothespian Robothespian sings, tells stories, copies arm movements by humans and can estimate age, gender and facial expressions.

  • Rollin’ Justin Rollin’ Justin has skills to work in a kitchen, including cleaning, wiping and making coffee and tea.

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