IN PICTURES: Westcon, Cisco and NetApp Flexpod's Tesla test drive (+41 images)

Westcon Group celebrated the launch of its OneSource NetApp and Cisco Flexpod solution with a drinks and canapes networking session at Tesla Motors in Sydney's St Leonards. The event allowed attendees to get up close and personal with Netapp's and Westcon's Flexpod specialists - and test drive the latest Tesla Model S. Photos by Allan Swann

  • The Tesla Model S

  • No gas guzzling engine leaves plenty of front-boot space

  • Jamie Warner from eNerds assures us he is not.

  • The original Tesla Roadster - only 2,400 were made, almost as a proof of concept for initial investors

  • The eNerds team with Heath Walker (Tesla Motors)

  • Tesla's home wall charger

  • Plug and play indeed

  • Everything, including the side mirrors, is controlled from the central console

  • Steve Hickey and Chris Apthorpe (Westcon Group)

  • The base is aluminium and steel... but still weighs some 1.8-2 tonnes once the lithium ion batteries cover the floor.

  • The front engine

  • Steve Hickey (Westcon) and Ross Kempe (Netapp)

  • The 17-inch touchscreen controls everything from rear view cameras, to GPS and suspension height.

  • The performance feedback is mindboggling in its detail

  • Tesla will have charging stations between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne by the end of 2015, making long distance trips a reality

  • A bit more raw/roar/whhoooar than the Model S - the Roadster

  • The remote that unlocks the car

  • Console GPS points out charging stations and calculates your battery life

  • Heath Walker (Tesla Motors)

  • Chris Apthorpe (Westcon Group)

  • Bernadette Jenkinson (Westcon Group)

  • Amos Anastasiadis (Westcon Group)

  • Steve Hickey (Westcon Group)

  • From left: Neville James and Chris Nixon (Netapp), Steve Hickey and Chris Apthorpe (Westcon Group)

  • Tesla Motors sold 11,000 Model S vehicles in Q2 2015

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