IN PICTURES: Oracle User Experience (UX) Tour (+ 11 photos)

The Oracle User Experience (UX) Tour, held in Sydney, included a partner expo and strategy presentations. The tour showcased the team’s work in the development of Oracle’s latest Cloud applications. It also offered a glimpse into the future of the Cloud user experience with IoT, visualisations, and wearables. Oracle regional managing director A/NZ, Tim Ebbeck, introduced the tour and Oracle group vice president of applications, user experience, Jeremy Ashley, spoke about how Oracle looks to embrace the challenges of Cloud and emerging consumer technology disruptions. According to Ebbeck and Ashley, a new strategic focus on design is required to face these challenges.

  • Tim Ebbeck (Oracle)

  • Paul Schlawe (Oracle) and Jeremy Ashley (Oracle)

  • Jeremy Ashley (Oracle) discussing how, along with the pressures of cloud and constantly emerging consumer technologies, there will be five generations in the workforce. He spoke about how his will require a new strategic focus on design, and what that means for partners and customers.

  • A packed audience

  • Marcelo Scalia (Ekulus Consulting) and Jeremy Ashley (Oracle)

  • Scott Robinson (Oracle)

  • Breakout time at the Demo Pods

  • Wearables

  • Breakout time at the Demo Pods

  • Synergies of wearable technologies – push message showing meeting room is free in the office of the future set up

  • The Oracle Team: Andrew Gilmour, Jenny Chew, Misha Vaughan, Shy Meei Siow and John Pisani

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