IN PICTURES: Cloud and services key as Aussie partners descend on Westcon-Comstor Imagine 2016

The Australian Technology Park played host to the Sydney leg of Westcon-Comstor Imagine 2016 this week, with the distributor outlining its deepened focus on cloud and services to local partners. Photos by Holly Morgan.

  • Larissa Crab (Westcon-Comstor) and Jay Rumph (UXC Connect)

  • Aamer Ainapore (Ericom)

  • Alex Kennedy (Datacom) and Jamie Anderson (Check Point)

  • Alex Kennedy (Datacom), Liam Leaney (VMware) and Aaron Steppat (VMware)

  • Alex Kennedy (Datacom), Liam Leaney (VMware) and Aaron Steppat (VMware)

  • Alex Kennedy (Datacom)

  • Anders Sorman-Nilsson (Futurist and Innovation Strategist)

  • Anders Sorman-Nilsson (Futurist and Innovation Strategist)

  • Angie Koong (Oracle), Peder Kastengren (CCNA), George Boulis (Oracle) and Martin Han (Oracle)

  • Anup Soman (Sonus Networks) and John Herlihy (Westcon-Comstor)

  • Belinda Lawrie (Nokia), Sashi Gundlapalli (Nokia), Mark Saloyedoff (Nokia) and Rick Eccles (Nokia)

  • Vaughan Klein (Cisco)

  • Dave Davey (Cisco Meraki), Diana Lusso (Cisco Systems), Weina Tan (Cisco), Dominic Egan (Cisco Systems), Carolyn Levin (Westcon-Comstor) and Helena Ng (Cisco)

  • Dave Rosenberg (Westcon-Comstor)

  • David Wright (F5 Networks), Robert Cipriani (F5 Networks)

  • Eddie Vanza (MyTechSupport)

  • Errol Abrahams (ITSecurityMind)

  • Errol Abrahams (ITSecurityMind)

  • Essi Rahimi (Office Geeks) and Eshan Razavi (Office Geeks)

  • F5 Networks

  • Furrukh Taj Awan (Securite)

  • Ian Pendleton (Westcon), Carlene Catanzariti (Juniper Networks) and Luis Gamez (Juniper Networks)

  • Westcon-Comstor Imagine 2016

  • Ivan Bradaric (Forescout), Tynaya Groves (Forescout) and Carter Jackson (Forescout)

  • James Ware (Polycom) and Jason North (Auroz)

  • Jitesh Kumar (HCL Technologies) and Ankit Varshney (HCL Technologies)

  • Kevin Windsor (Hutchison Ports)

  • Kristal Wheeler (Weston-Comstor), David Wright (F5 Networks) and Robert Cipriani (F5 Networks)

  • Kyle Macnaughtan (Intel Security), Julian Newman (Intel) and Joshua Haines (Westcon-Comstor)

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