IN PICTURES: HPE and partners hop on the Orient Express (+ 12 photos)

Last month Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners boarded the Venice-Simplon-Orient for a luxury travel experience across Europe. Channel partners including Data#3, Lynx, AC3 and more, were treated to an action-packed seven-day adventure through Venice, Prague and London, with pasta making sessions, beer hall banquets, Segway tours and a ride on the London Eye.

  • Venice - Lawrence Baynham (Data#3) and Alan Hyde (HPE)

  • Felix Wong (IMA) and Jessica, Kate McGorian (Trident) and Anne, Meri Stojcevski (Dicker Data)

  • Venice - Ben Wilson (Lynx) and Loretta, Brett Kullman CD&M) and Nitha

  • Venice - all the winners

  • Venice - Making Pasta - Charles Formica (HPE and Brett Kullman (CD&M)

  • Orient Express - Ben Wilson (Lynx) and Loretta

  • Prague - Dinner at a Beer Hall

  • Prague - Kate Mcgorian (Triodent) and Anne

  • Prague - Anne, Kate Mcgorian (Trident), Dawn and Terry Bell (Empired)

  • Orient Express - Dinner - Joanne, Harry Kassianou (AC3), Aleta, and Alan Hyde (HPE)

  • Orient Express - Lunch - Tony Cascio (MCS) and Julie

  • The London Eye

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