IN PICTURES: EDGE Cup 2016 sponsored by Dell

The competition was tight in the 2016 EDGE Cup sponsored by Dell at Hamilton Island Golf Club with 21 teams vying for the top prize. This year the Cup was taken out by Ingram Micro. Runners up were last year’s winners NEXTGEN. Photos by Maria Stefina.

  • Anticipation was high on the boat ride to the island

  • Craig Reynolds (Tech Precision) and Mark Fioretto (EMC)

  • Brett Thompson (Forum Group) and Michael Helder (Upstream)

  • Damien Macaulay and Kyung Suk Choi (Wells Fargo)

  • Michael Demery (Seccom Global) and Mark Andersen (Andersen IT)

  • Matt Roberts (SAS IT) and Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro)

  • Micheal Demery (Seccom Global)

  • The Ingram Micro Team (First Place): Greg Sharp (base2), Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro), Matthew Roberts (SAS IT) and Ian Johnston (OfficeMax Australia)

  • The NEXTGEN team (Second Place): Theo Hourmouzis (Nimble Storage), Pieter Jansen (Navicle), John Walters (NEXTGEN) and Dave Simpson (e-Volve)

  • George De Bono (rhipe), Cherry Yumul (ARN and Reseller News), Cameron McFie (rhipe) and Nick Beaugeard (HubOne)

  • Peter Bender (Veeam)

  • Craig Reynolds (Tech Precision), Kerrie-Anne Turner (VMware), Angela Fox (Dell) and Mark Fioretto (EMC)

  • Craig Reynolds (Tech Precision), Angela Fox (Dell) and Mark Fioretto (EMC)

  • Archie Fallon (APC), Jason King (ASI Solutions), Muralee Kanagaratnam (APC), Gavin Swadling (NPS) and Geoff Wright (Dell)

  • Louise Bramston (Avnet), Chris Kelly (Dell), Abie Gelbart (Perfekt) and Steven Bracken (Avnet)

  • Wyn Ackroid (API Talent), Max Perez (Delta) and Karen Challenger (AWS)

  • Mark Lukie (Barracuda), Michael Ryan (Vectra Corporation), Mike Romans (Barracuda Networks), Gavin Douglas (Barracuda), Carolos Gouveia (JB HI FI)

  • David Abouhaidar (AC3), Mark Sargent (CenturyLink), Frank Demoiseau (Offis Multi-Cloud Services) and Kelly Raines (Acquire Group)

  • Mark Ellis (Datacom), Patrick Butler (Loop Technology) and Joe McPhillips (BlueCoat)

  • Nick Vassiliades (Interlinked), James Bergl (Datto) and Jay Isikli (Datto)

  • The CertaOne team (Third place): Jacques Tesson (CertaOne), Brett Patten (Staples), Brian Corrigan (Nilsen Group) and Justin Bean (CertaOne)

  • Susan Searle (ARN and Reseller News), Rodney Thorne (F5), Garrison Huang (Harris Technology) and Chris Barton (FireEye)

  • Daniel Williams (PowerNET IT Solutions), Noel Ervine (Emerging IT) and Chris Player (ARN and Reseller News)

  • Ian Johnston (OfficeMax Australia), Matthew Roberts (SAS IT) and Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro)

  • Chris Kelly (Dell)

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