Sizing up the security spectrum - Where's the channel sweet spot?

From new extortion schemes, outside threats and rising cyber attacks, the art of securing the enterprise has seldom been so complex or challenging. Yet amidst the sensationalism, media headlines and ongoing high profile breaches, confusion floods the channel, as partners seek strategic methods to combat rising sophistication from attackers. So when sizing up the security spectrum, where’s the channel sweet spot in Australia? This roundtable was sponsored by Cylance, F5, FireEye, Kaspersky, RSA and Sophos. Photos by Maria Stefina.

  • James Hooke (IT Basecamp); Michael Yell (RSA); Marty Young (F5 Networks); Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics); Ross Ogilvie (Katana1); Chris Barton (FireEye); Aaron Bailey (The Missing Link); Greg Singh (Cylance); Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies); James Henderson (ARN); Jacob Ohlson (PowerNET); Jon Fox (Sophos) and Samantha Gotting (Kaspersky Lab)

  • Jon Fox (Sophos)

  • Ross Ogilvie (Katana1) and Greg Singh (Cylance)

  • Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies)

  • Marty Young (F5 Networks)

  • Ross Ogilvie (Katana1)

  • Eduardo Silva (ARN); Michael Yell (RSA) and Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics)

  • Jacob Ohlson (PowerNET)

  • Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies); James Hooke (IT Basecamp) and James Henderson (ARN)

  • Marty Young (F5 Networks) and Samantha Gotting (Kaspersky Lab)

  • Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies); James Hooke (IT Basecamp) and James Henderson (ARN)

  • Aaron Bailey (The Missing Link) and James Henderson (ARN)

  • Samantha Gotting (Kaspersky Lab) and Cherry Yumul (ARN)

  • Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies)

  • Greg Singh (Cylance)

  • Ross Ogilvie (Katana1)

  • Chris Barton (FireEye)

  • Marty Young (F5 Networks) and Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies)

  • Samantha Gotting (Kaspersky Lab)

  • James Hooke (IT Basecamp)

  • Ross Ogilvie (Katana1)

  • Jacob Ohlson (PowerNET)

  • Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics)

  • Aaron Bailey (The Missing Link) and Jon Fox (Sophos)

  • Noel Kelly (Equate Technologies) and Chris Barton (FireEye)

  • James Hooke (IT Basecamp) and Samantha Gotting (Kaspersky Lab)

  • Michael Yell (RSA) and Ross Ogilvie (Katana1)

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