A snapshot of the Aussie start-ups set to shine at the ARN Awards

With the 2017 ARN ICT Industry Awards only weeks away, the leading technology start-ups of Australia will be under the channel spotlight. As a central part of the most diverse and wide-ranging partner line-up in the history of the ARN Awards, the biggest night on the channel calendar will play host to the emerging innovators of the past 12 months. Here’s a quick snapshot…

  • PrimeQ (Finalist - Cloud Partner) - PrimeQ is an Oracle business solutions provider operating across A/NZ, leveraging Oracle’s Cloud solutions to drive business improvement and cost reduction across public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid deployments.

  • Nuago (Finalist - Technology Start-up) - Nuago is a born-in-the-cloud technology company providing services for organisations of any size to help drive efficiencies, reduce risk, and ultimately deliver flexibility, insights and innovation back to the business.

  • AtlasPlato (Finalist - Start-up Entrepreneur) - AtlasPlato is a management consulting firm focused on developing data-driven organisations, specialising in business intelligence technologies.

  • Versent (Finalist - Enterprise Partner) - Versent provides technology transformation services for enterprise customers, focusing on building strong foundations in security, automation and cloud.

  • Endpoint Focus (Finalist - Start-up Specialist) - Endpoint Focus provides specialised endpoint management services to enterprise customers across the country, with deep expertise across security and device management technologies.

  • Mentors Insync (Finalist - Start-up Specialist) - Mentors Insync is unique cloud-based collaborative mentoring tool, linking up mentors and mentees.

  • Adopt & Embrace (Finalist - Start-up Customer Win) - Adopt & Embrace helps improve the user adoption of Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Windows 10 and Surface, unlocking real business value for organisations across A/NZ.

  • GorillaStack (Finalist - Start-up Specialist; Start-up Customer Win, Homegrown ISV) - GorillaStack offers a suite of cost optimisation tools for AWS that delivers cost and time savings to companies facing cloud bill shock.

  • Hivint (Finalist - Technology Start-up) - Hivint is a new kind of professional services company, operating with a philosophy of community-driven security across Australia.

  • SixPivot (Finalist - Start-up Customer Win, Start-up Entrepreneur) - SixPivot is a software development company that works closely with ISVs, specialising across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud platforms.

  • Cloud Collective (Finalist - Best Cloud Initiative) - Cloud Collective is a strategic alliance of Microsoft Gold Partners and the first of its kind in Australia, providing both in-depth expertise across the latest Microsoft technologies and a complete end-to-end wrap of cloud solutions.

  • Araza (Finalist - Technology Start-up, Start-up Entrepreneur) - Araza is a cloud-focused consultancy firm that specialises in digital transformation solutions across verticals such as finance, government, health, utilities and mining.

  • Stax (Finalist - Technology Start-up) - Stax is a cloud management tool that helps organisations do more in the cloud, by providing visibility, insight and recommendations for using AWS environments.

  • Redback Technologies (Finalist - Technology Start-up) - Redback Technologies is focused on the development of advanced, competitively priced solar solutions, providing ROI, intelligence and control for residential and commercial users.

  • Hammerjack (Start-up Entrepreneur) - Hammerjack is a blend of a Microsoft specialist and a boutique business process outsourcing organisation, disrupting the local finance and accounting markets.

  • Oreta (Finalist - Start-up Entrepreneur, Mid-Market Partner) - Oreta provides cost effective value-add cloud services by leveraging a mix of public and private cloud services, enhanced with an orchestration layer to deliver cloud services to customers.

  • Hosonto Middleware Solutions (Finalist - Start-up Specialist) - Hosonto Middleware Solutions offers automated middleware for software companies and developers, based on patent pending Automated Model View (AMV) framework.

  • Umlaut IT (Finalist - Start-up Specialist) - Umlaut IT is a data management expert firm targeting SMEs across A/NZ, specialising in strategic consulting, business intelligence and virtual CIO capabilities.

  • Vibrato (Finalist - Start-up Customer Win) - Vibrato is a leading IT consultancy, focussed on automation, DevOps and enabling businesses to bring applications to market more quickly and reliably.

  • Exigo Tech (Finalist - Start-up Customer Win) - Exigo Tech specialises in proving end-to-end technology solutions to both private SME’s and public enterprise, with deep expertise in virtual data centres, application development and managed infrastructure.

  • Cloud Ctrl, created by SixPivot (Finalist - Technology Start-up) - Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform that acts as a brokering service, dashboard and management portal to enable organisations to manage subscriptions, services and make informed decisions on public cloud providers.

  • InfoTrust (Finalist - Start-up Customer Win, Start-up Entrepreneur) - InfoTrust is a specialised information security and information management technology partner, providing expert consultancy, professional services, and ongoing support to deliver a range of technologies including cloud.

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