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  • Data breaches can be prevented with one simple solution

    There have been so many major data breaches over the past year or two that it's hardly even news anymore when millions of customer accounts are compromised. We've become jaded, and just expect that attackers will find a way to penetrate our networks and steal our data. The reality, however, is that there is one simple thing companies--and individuals--can do that will prevent the vast majority of data breaches: two-factor authentication.

  • Hack of iPhone 5s fingerprint authentication is irrelevant

    The iPhone 5s officially launched last Friday, but already a group of hackers has successfully cracked the fingerprint authentication. In spite of the hype surrounding this news, though, the hack of Touch ID idoesn't change the fact that the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s is the best thing that's happened to iPhone security so far.

  • IBM Predicts the Next Five Years in Tech

    Every year, IBM picks five technologies that it predicts are going to change our lives in the next five years. This year's crop of life changers includes efficient capture of renewable energy, proliferation of biometric identification to authenticate your identity, control of machines with your mind, elimination of the digital divide and the end of spam.