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  • IE's slide quickens as Firefox, Chrome add share

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) again lost a big chunk of market share last month as Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome continued to chip away at the world's dominant browser, a Web metrics company said today.

  • Google Chrome update adds speed, privacy mprovements

    Google's Chrome browser is now faster and has gained the ability for users to hide thumbnails on its New Tab page. The update, internally called Chrome 2, is being automatically rolled out to current users and is also available for download, according to Chrome team member Darin Fisher, writing in the Google corporate blog.

  • Microsoft's IE loses more share, slides to new low

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) again lost market share last month, although at a slower rate than the previous two-month stretch, but still ended at a new low of 67.6% as rivals continued to steal users, a Web metrics firm reported Sunday.

  • Browser metrics: IE slide continues, Firefox users update

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) continued to lose market share in September, Google's Chrome stabilized at under 1 percent and more than half of Firefox 2.0 users accepted an offer to update to Version 3.0, a Web metrics firm said Wednesday.

  • Google bends to Chrome privacy criticism

    Reacting to criticism that its new <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/action/inform.do?command=search&amp;searchTerms=Google+Chrome">Chrome</a> browser was essentially acting as a keylogger, potentially recording users' every keystroke, <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/action/inform.do?command=search&amp;searchTerms=Google+Inc.">Google Inc.</a> Monday said it would render anonymous the data it collects from the browser within 24 hours.

  • Mozilla: Firefox is faster than Chrome

    Mozilla answered claims that Google's Chrome browser outperforms Firefox with benchmark results of its own that showed the upcoming Firefox 3.1 is faster at executing JavaScript.

  • Google touts iPhone, Chrome browser

    A Google executive Thursday heaped praise on Apple's iPhone, even with his company set to challenge Apple in this same space with its Android mobile computing platform.

  • Google Chrome at risk from 'carpet bomb' bug

    Attackers can combine the months-old "carpet bomb" bug with another flaw disclosed last month to trick people running Google's brand-new Chrome browser into downloading and launching malicious code, a security researcher said today.