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  • iOS 8 release date, rumours and leaked images

    Apple's iOS 8 is hot topic in among iPhone, iPad and iPod users right now. In this article, we bring you release date speculation, the latest rumours about iOS 8 and leaked images and mockups of the next version of Apple's mobile operating system. Read on to find out more.

  • Jony Ive and the myth of tormented genius

    A new biography of Sir Jonathan Ive sheds light on the creative process behind the iPhone, iPad, iMac and many other iconic Apple products. But in its refreshing lack of tantrums and score-settling it also provides an insight into our expectations of genius, and the ways in which Apple has changed since Steve Jobs departed.

  • Tablet buying guide 2013: How to pick the right tablet

    You might be looking to snag a tablet for yourself or for your loved one. But before you venture out to a brick and mortar store or get lost scouring for websites and looking for deals, take a step back. Like everything else in life, tablet shopping is easier if you have a plan.

  • First Look: iPad mini with Retina display

    The iPad mini with Retina display has arrived. As someone who dumped the full-sized iPad for the iPad mini a year ago, I've been excited to get my hands on this new model. Can its small size beat out the all-new, all-lightweight iPad Air for a place in my heart and my backpack? I've been using mine for half a day; here are some initial impressions ahead of my full review.

  • Vox technica: How Siri gets its voice

    In early October, CNN revealed that veteran voice actor, Susan Bennett, was the voice behind Siri until Apple changed it in iOS 7. Her utterances, she revealed in an interview, were being used by the tech giant (and its likely voice synthesis partner Nuance) to generate the digital assistant's own words.

  • iPad diary day 3: Case closed

    Sometimes it takes a while to get used to the iPad. I just finished up a FaceTime call with my mother, who got an iPad mini for Christmas last year. After a couple of months, she was still using her MacBook more than the iPad, and I was concerned that it was just a misbegotten purchase. But today she complained that the only reason she used her laptop anymore was to print, because her printer doesn't support AirPrint.

  • iPad Air diary, day 2: Fastest iOS device ever

    I'm still working away at the new iPad Air, not to mention loading it up with movies and TV shows for my cross-country flight. But in the meantime, Jim Galbraith of the Macworld Lab has run some speed tests on the new iPad Air compared to other recent(ish) iOS devices. The results are not shocking, but they're still impressive: The iPad Air is pretty much the fastest iOS device ever.

  • iPad Air diary, day 1: Portrait of a new orientation

    I got my iPad Air this morning a little after 9am., and while I tried to gather some first impressions about Apple's new, lighter full-sized tablet while at the office, I really needed to retreat home to put it to the most important test: How does it work when I'm sitting on the sofa in my living room?

  • What people hate about the iPad Air: review of reviews

    Hate might be a strong word, but not everyone has showered Apple's new iPad Air with praise. In this second part of our iPad Air review of reviews, we've gathered the negative comments that the iPad Air has picked up since it was launched. Some are astute... others aren't.