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  • 20 computer terms every Mac user should know

    Throughout the life of Mac 101, we've talked a lot about Apple technologies and terms. But with the gentle persuasion of this column's readers, I've come to realize that--all too often--terms and acronyms that many of us take for granted leave users new to technology scratching their heads. Let's rectify that now with a meander through some common tech terms.

  • Which MacBook Air 2013 is best for you? The 11-inch or 13-inch?

    Now that Apple has launched its 2013 MacBook Air the decision of which model to go for has become harder than ever. In the past it was a simple sacrifice or power and screen size for portability, but this year's models are so similar in spec that it all boils down to weight, size and battery life. There really is no other differentiator. In this article we will help you decide which MacBook Air will best suit your needs.

  • Three reasons why tablets thrive while PCs dive

    As the PC desktop and laptop market slumps and the tablets market grows, it might seem obvious to tablet users why that's so. However, details shared by analysts dramatically highlight three reasons behind robust tablet growth.

  • The best Windows 8 machines you can buy today

    We've had about six months to play with Windows 8 (like it or not) and with the first generation of hardware designed for the new OS. So now, with PCs based on Intel's Haswell CPU poised on the horizon, it's time to take stock of the best Windows 8 hardware available today. You may be able to snap one up for a bargain-basement price as the industry clears out inventory in anticipation of second-gen machines.

  • What's with all the Chromebooks?

    Chromebooks should be dead. Netbooks - the Chromebook's shameful forefathers, made from the same plastic parts and budget internals - have shuffled into the sunset, and Chromebooks suffer from similar, shockingly severe limitations. Even calling the Chrome OS an "OS" is a bit too kind, as it's virtually crippled without an Internet connection.

  • Apple's iMac on the road to irrelevance

    Sales of Apple's iMac, the computer often credited with saving the company, have peaked and by the end of 2014 will account for approximately 2% of the firm's revenues, analysts now say.

  • The 8 best laptops and Ultrabooks available today

    Have you picked up your laptop lately? If it's getting long in the tooth, it's probably as heavy as it is slow. Fortunately there's no better time to look for a more portable and modern machine than during the holidays. Even if you can't find a year-end deal on the particular model that interests you, you'll be able to impress family and friends when you whip out your new laptop at holiday gatherings.

  • How to buy the best laptop in the age of Windows 8

    Laptops used to be simple. Almost all of them had a clamshell design, with a display that folded onto the keyboard. You picked the laptop you needed based on factors like price, weight, and performance. But it's different today: New form factors, different operating systems, and disparate user needs conspire to make choosing a laptop a complex chore.

  • How Windows 8 rewrites the rules of PC gaming

    PC gaming is primed for a renaissance—or at least a reinvention—like we haven’t seen since the advent of 3D acceleration in the late 1990s. For this, we can thank the mobile revolution and all its attendant technologies. Game developers can now tap into accelerometers, touchscreens, and the cloud to add new features and gameplay scenarios. And even Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to Windows—merging desktops, tablets, and smartphones under a common code base—is changing the ways in which game creators should approach their work.