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  • The best free apps for runners

    Running and mobile apps seem to go hand in hand--after all, runners often have their phones with them, whether for safety, for music, or because they've paired their favorite fit tech device to their smartphone. So, naturally, there are plenty of apps out there to help train for a marathon, whether they're training programs, running/fitness trackers, or even calorie counters. Here are a few apps to get you started--the rest of those 26.2 miles are, unfortunately, up to you.

  • VMware, ISVs Square Off on Fault Tolerance

    Among the consequences of VMware's battery of vSphere 4 announcements Tuesday about its new virtualization infrastructure and add-on components, third-party software vendors specializing in fault-tolerance and high-availability are feeling new pressure now that VMware has added basic versions of those functions to its core product.<br/>