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  • Why the iTunes Store succeeded

    The traditional tenth anniversary gifts of tin and aluminum are appropriate for the iTunes Store. Both durable and somewhat flexible, the iTunes Store has become the preeminent place to purchase music.

  • Understanding the new views in iTunes 11

    iTunes 11 introduces a number of changes to the way you view the content in your media library. If you were used to displaying your music, movies, and playlists in a certain manner, you may have to change the way you use the software.

  • Jedo ties up with Facebook

    Australian events-based social media platform, Jedo, has been granted integration with Facebook, which will assist in growing its brand, promoting events and selling tickets at no cost.

  • Internode streams Gorgeous Festival free

    Internet service provider (ISP), Internode, will stream the sets of Missy Higgins and other main stage performers from South Australia’s (SA) Gorgeous Festival to all Australians for free.

  • AC/DC finally rocks the iTunes Store

    Apple and Columbia Records have announced that AC/DC's complete catalog is available digitally for the first time - exclusively at the iTunes Store. The rock band had long been missing in action from online music stores, but now the entirety of the band's discography is available for digital purchase. All the music has been mastered for iTunes as well.

  • Google Music Store: Strengths and weaknesses in catalogue

    Google wants the world to know that it's serious about music. Alongside the Google Music cloud service, the company has rolled out its music store, complete with a live in-house band, celebrity guest stars, and a hip Hollywood venue. But can its catalog compete with iTunes and Amazon MP3?

  • Check your music's iCloud status

    iTunes Match is new (it arrived Monday) and exciting (all your music everywhere! your old CD rips upgraded to iTunes Plus quality!), but it's also confusing. What songs went where? Did iTunes Match find a track or did your copy of iTunes have to upload it to Apple's servers?

  • Get smarter with iTunes U

    You've probably noticed it in the navigation bar at the top of the iTunes Store--sandwiched between Podcasts and the much-maligned Ping - but have you ever clicked on the iTunes U link? Millions of people have, and iTunes U has seen more than 600 million downloads since its inception in 2006.