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  • IN  PICTURES: Vivid 2013 (2) - Kraftwerk in 3D

    IN PICTURES: Vivid 2013 (2) - Kraftwerk in 3D

    Vivid 2013 in Sydney was launched with a four-night run of two shows a night by the legendary German electronic band, Kraftwerk, running through one of their last eight albums each show and then playing a mix of material from the other seven albums. The whole 90-minute show featured projections on a screen behind the band which were viewed through 3D glasses, creating a 3D performance. ARN Editor-In-Chief, Mike Gee, was two rows from the front in the Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Opera House for the first show. He captured these shots using just a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT4 digital camera. As ever Vivid is about the mix of technology and art. It is billed as a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. And this was the perfect band to launch the event. Kraftwerk is renowned for its pioneering mix of art, technology and music. This is the second in a series of slideshows capturing this essential event that runs from May 24-June 10.

    IN PICTURES: Vivid 2013 (2) - Kraftwerk in 3D