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  • Microsoft caves to Office 2013 licensing backlash

    Microsoft has heard the uproar from customers over the draconian Office 2013 licensing limitations, and it has relented. Today, Microsoft announced an update to Office 2013 retail licensing agreement that should quell the uprising and force customers to put away the torches and pitchforks.

  • Windows of opportunity

    Despite grim adoption reports and some negative analyst predictions for several of its key products, Microsoft is striking a chord with channel players and its 2013 line-up.

  • Microsoft rolls out Office 365 family plan

    Microsoft is rolling out a family plan for its Office 365 service that supports up to five machines under a single subscription, which the company says is enough to cover a typical household.

  • Microsoft Office 2013 is here: Hands-on impressions and buying advice

    The wait is over for Office 2013 and Office 365. Starting Tuesday, the latest version of Microsoft's venerable productivity suite goes on sale to consumers and academics, both on Microsoft's Office.com site and at retail outlets. You can buy the traditional stand-alone desktop software or, for the first time, consumers and students can buy Office as a subscription service that will make multiple installations cheaper.

  • Microsoft: 5 smart and 5 dumb moves the company made in 2011

    Love it or hate it, Microsoft is a company that brings out strong emotions in just about every IT professional. With 2011 about to end, it is time for our picks of some of smartest moves this powerful software company made this year - and some of the moves we'd say were not so bright.

  • Microsoft's Office 365 cloud beta now public

    Office 365, the cloud-based versions of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and other products, became available in a public beta Monday with Microsoft promising general availability later this year. So far, 100,000 organizations have signed up to test Office 365, which will replace and expand upon Microsoft's current cloud-based productivity service, the Business Productivity Online Suite.