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  • IN DEPTH: A detailed look at Windows 8

    The buzzword is "reimagine" here at Microsoft BUILD conference where Windows 8 is being shown for the first time in detail to developers and the media. Reimagine refers to the operating system's radical new look, new support for tablets, revamped Start Screen, and integration of a new class of "metro-style" applications. --

  • FOCUS ON: Choosing the right browser for an Android phone

    Choosing a mobile browser is a lot like choosing a browser for your desktop. Do you want something light and speedy? Or is the ability to customize your online experience with add-ons and themes more important to you? Here's a look at some of the most popular Android browsers, to help you decide which browser is right for you.

  • Find the best personalised news app for iPhone, iPad

    When Flipboard hit the App Store last year, the personalised news app for the iPad turned out to be a revelation. There were already plenty of Twitter clients, Facebook apps, and RSS readers available for download—there were even apps that combined those streams of information into one. But none did it quite so elegantly, creating the sensation of effortlessly flipping through the magazine. Overnight, Flipboard reinvented the category.

  • USERS GUIDE: 11 tips to ensure great smartphone photos

    You probably don't carry your fancy-pants DSLR camera with you all the time, but your smartphone--along with its built-in camera--is in your pocket everywhere you go. That's why these days the most popular camera used to upload photos to Flickr isn't a camera at all, but the iPhone.

  • Why IT won't like Mac OS X Lion Server

    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server adds innovative features and a new low price tag, but cuts in services and the elimination of advanced GUI administration tools may force some enterprise departments to think twice about the role of Mac servers on their networks.

  • NEWS FOCUS: Microsoft Office 365 - hot or not?

    Microsoft’s cloud version of Office has sparked a mixed reaction from the channel, with passionate views emerging around Telstra T-Suite’s exclusive role in the distribution chain along with concerns over higher prices set for Australian customers.

  • Cloud computing still a dream?

    Today at <a href="">CeBIT</a>, representatives of some of the biggest names in IT came together for a discussion of cloud computing, which <a href=";vid=3262890">organisers have suggested</a> could be the overriding theme of this year's show.

  • Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone

    The past year has been a remarkable one for smartphones, with the meteoric rise of Google's Android OS, the restart of Microsoft's mobile strategy with its much-ballyhooed release of Windows Phone 7 and the continuing success of Apple's iPhone, buoyed by its new availability to Verizon subscribers. Never has there been so much choice in the smartphone market. As a result, hype and overstatement have been the order of the day.

  • Apple iOS 4.3: A guide to getting started

    If you haven't synced your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in the last 24 hours, you've got a surprise waiting for you: Apple has released iOS 4.3, promising new ways to access iTunes content, a Wi-Fi personal hotspot option and improved browser speeds. If you want to find out how to activate all the new features on your device, here's your getting-started guide to get the most out of iOS 4.3.