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News about storage arrays

  • Flash storage comes of age

    Violin Memory has launched its latest flash storage platform (FSP), an all-flash storage system designed to run all primary storage and active workloads below the cost of traditional disk.

  • IBM unveils new tiered storage products

    IBM has announced several new storage products that are designed to automate the movement of data to appropriate storage media and make it easier for users to use analytics to gain insight from the data.

  • Small business storage finds a new gear

    I continue to be very impressed with Synology's small business storage products, and the new DS1010+ is no exception. In fact, it elevates my opinion even more. This feature-packed, speedy, and remarkably affordable five-bay storage array supports just about every file sharing protocol available, can scale up to 20TB of raw storage, can be expanded on the fly, and has a great GUI. It can be purchased for $1,750 with 5TB of raw storage, and it can push 100MBps streaming writes and 110MBps streaming reads. Sure, it's not an enterprise-class device, but look at the price. What's not to love?