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  • iPhone 4S Australian buying guide

    Technology giant Apple recently unveiled the company's latest iPhone -- the iPhone 4S. Featuring an identical physical design to the previous iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S (like the iPhone 3GS before it) is betting on faster performance, a better camera and a new voice recognition service to win over consumers.

  • NEWS FOCUS: Microsoft Office 365 - hot or not?

    Microsoft’s cloud version of Office has sparked a mixed reaction from the channel, with passionate views emerging around Telstra T-Suite’s exclusive role in the distribution chain along with concerns over higher prices set for Australian customers.

  • Lessons learnt

    The purse strings may be a little looser than 12 months ago but the economic downturn mindset will continue to inform a lot of sales strategies. TREVOR CLARKE reports.

  • Cloud Computing: Welcoming rain at harvest time

    Tending the cloud seeds and nurturing early signs of growth will require channel partners to adopt new business models and skill sets. But the stage is now set for a considerable channel play in the cloud. TREVOR CLARKE reports.