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News about virtualisation

  • Virtualisation battle heats as Microsoft, VMware trade blows

    The battle for the virtual data centre has begun and Microsoft is making its presence felt by snatching market share from its arch-rival VMware with some recent customer deployments of its Hyper-V virtualisation hypervisor, but VMware continues to defend its turf amid the onslaught of new competition.

  • Citrix previews Project Kensho kit

    Citrix has released a technical preview of a toolkit that allows developers to create portable virtual machine (VM) appliances across a number of platforms.

  • Virtualization transforming IT management

    Virtualization -- which enables IT departments to run multiple systems and applications in just one machine -- is dynamically transforming the way IT resources are managed in enterprises. The "big shift" is that IT management is no longer confined to physical hardware but also the virtual.

  • Companies own up to virtual security blind spot

    The vast majority of companies have little or no security in place for their virtual systems. That is a scary statistic revealed in a survey of attendees at the recent VMWorld 2008 conference in Las Vegas.

  • What's Red Hat Doing in the Virtualization Business?

    Even before Red Hat bought the virtualization company Qumranet, with its Linux KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) platform, Red Hat had made it clear that it was moving into virtualization in a big way. At its annual Red Hat Summit in June, the Linux powerhouse announced that it would be deploying its Embedded Linux Hypervisor, oVirt, which is based on KVM in its server line. This lightweight, embeddable hypervisor currently enables users to run run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows VMs on Linux.

  • Virtualization users should expect more attacks

    VMware's recent release of a large number of patches for its virtualization offerings is likely to be the first of many, as hackers increasingly focus their attention on virtualized environments.