Compago and Eaglecrest Technologies tackle Tassie skills shortage

Both companies have come to the table to create "a true state-wide presence".
Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania

Two Tasmanian-based IT services providers Compago Technologies and Eaglecrest Technologies have created a partnership to share IT skills covering Tasmania.

Both companies have come to the table to create what they claim is “a true state-wide presence to customers, who are equally invested in retaining the skills and career pathways of staff, in Tasmania, while being cognisant of the social, environmental and financial implications inherently attached.” 

With Compago based in Hobart and Eaglecrest in Launceston, the two companies decided to blend their business philosophies and operational culture, providing access to skilled technicians in the north and southern end of the state, while using a customer service desk to execute level 1 support.

The intent of the partnership is to enable both organisations to grow and employ more staff, potentially increasing the likelihood of staff engagement by way of new projects, upgrade of skills and retention.

“This collaboration will see a reduction of risks for both companies, however, it'll be their customers that are the real beneficiaries, obtaining intelligent IT,” Compago said.

“Both companies will maintain their own ownership and management structures but will work together in the interests of both organisations' clients to ensure a high level of service.

“One of the benefits of this partnership is that through the sharing of resources we can maintain our overheads going forward and therefore not put upwards pressure on our current rates.”