Stories by Elias Plastiras

  • DViCo rolls out simple and small digital TV tuner

    Anybody looking for a simple digital TV tuner device for a PC can consider the FusionHDTV DVB-T Home a solid choice. It's a half-height PCI device which fits into a regular tower PC case or a slimline media centre using the supplied half-height mounting bracket.

  • Well connected media centre

    The NEC Powermate X8500 is a media centre PC that features plenty of useful connectivity options and storage space. An 802.11g wireless adapter is installed, which makes it easy to connect the machine up to the Internet if you've got a wireless network up and running. For storing recorded TV shows, music files and photos, NEC has installed 1TB of hard drive space in a RAID 0 (striped) array.

  • ASUS DRW-1814BLT

    If you've ever wanted to completely rid your PC enclosure of flat ribbon cables, take a look at ASUS' new DRW-1814BLT. It's the first Serial ATA-based (SATA) burner that we've tested and it worked like a charm.

  • ASUS Striker Extreme

    The first motherboard in ASUS' Republic of Gamers series was the Crosshair, which was built for AMD users. At the time, ASUS claimed that gamers preferred AMD CPUs over Intel. As Intel's Core 2 Duo has proven to be a superior performer to AMD's current crop of CPUs, this scenario is likely to change. Therefore, ASUS has released a Republic of Gamers board that is ripe for Intel users: Striker Extreme.

  • Epson rolls out Wi-Fi

    Epson's new business projector, the EMP-1715, has dimensions of 192mm x 273mm x 68mm and weighs 1.7kg. A convenient set of connectivity options is hallmarked by the inclusion of an 802.11a/b/g wireless adapter, so the projector can be set up to receive a wireless signal from a PC or a notebook anywhere within range. It's not a completely wireless projector - it still needs to be plugged into a wall outlet so its 2700 ANSI Lumens-rated lamp can project an image up to 750cm in size from 12m away.

  • Pioneer DVR-112D

    Pioneer's latest DVD burner is the current champion when it comes to burning both single and double layer DVDs.. It manages to outdo the competition due to its support for fast burn rates of up to 18x for single layer DVDs and 10x for double layer discs.

  • Extreme QX6700 tops list for processing

    While many users are still savouring the upgrade to dual-core computing, Intel is keeping the multi-core ball rolling by releasing its first quadcore CPU. The Core 2 Extreme QX6700 is the company's flagship consumer offering, built using Intel's 65-nanometre technology, which allows for the creation of smaller transistors, allowing more to fit into the same physical space.

  • Western Digital My Book Premium Edition 500GB

    Western Digital's My Book Premium Edition is designed to make the storage and archival of music, videos, photos and documents, quick and easy. It provides 465GB of formatted space via a 7200rpm hard drive with a 16MB cache buffer and it can be connected to a PC using USB 2.0 or FireWire. The button on the front of the unit can be used to turn the unit on and off and is encircled by a unique indicator, which can tell you how much hard drive space you have used up.

  • Update for popular burner adds speed

    Replacing the ever-popular GSA-4167B is LG's GSA-H10A Super Multi DVD burner, which can burn to the majority of media that are available on the market, including DVD-RAM media (without cartridge).

  • Printing with LEDs

    Oki's C3400n is an A4-sized personal colour printer that uses single-pass digital light emitting diodes (LEDs), instead of a laser, which direct light onto a drum, to produce good quality printouts for a reasonable money outlay.

  • Altech gameforce commander

    Upon first glance you may scoff at this machine's appearance, - its case looks awful - but beauty does lurk beneath the surface in the form of a powerful and well-put-together configuration for gaming and multimedia pursuits.

  • Top performer

    Draped in the car manufacturer's red and black colours and wearing the famous prancing horse logo, the Acer Ferrari F-20 monitor is full of prestige and audacity. It is a status symbol that provides excellent image quality and plenty of versatility.

  • Faster wireless

    Netgear has turned to the power of Airgo's third-generation True multiple in, multiple out (MIMO) chipset for its new RangeMax 240 wireless router, which aims to provide fast wireless transfer speeds.