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Stories by Liane Cassavoy

  • Kindle first impressions: It's all good

    Well, now we know why Amazon's stock of Kindle 2 e-readers evaporated so quickly. Just hours after I wrote about the devices being out of stock, Amazon announced a new model of its popular e-reader. The device, called simply the Kindle, is available for pre-order now and will ship August 27. While most of us will have to wait a month to get our hands on the new gadget, a few lucky bloggers and technology reporters already got a chance to check it out. So far, they seem to like it...a lot. In fact, in reading many of the reports about the new Kindle, I found it difficult to find anything they didn't like about it.

  • With CellSpin social networks hum on mobile phones

    You have your Twitter. And your Facebook. And your Flickr. And your MySpace. And, if you're like most people, the list of Web sites you use to share information with your friends, family, and the world at large probably goes on, too.

  • Online music plays a new tune

    Recovering Kazaa users are everywhere. They might be fearful of the recording industry’s litigious rampage. Perhaps they’re tired of pop-ups and promotions. Maybe they went straight to Apple’s iTunes or Musicmatch. Or perhaps they’ve just gone further underground for their digital music.