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Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

  • RSA CEO says security's time has come

    Fifteen years after the show was launched as a security event largely for cryptographers and technologists, the annual RSA Conference has become one of the industry's largest vents. In this interview, Arthur Coviello, the company's president and CEO, speaks about how the event has changed and why.

  • Microsoft beefs up security partner rules

    Microsoft last week said it's now requiring that security partners be certified by one of two third-party organizations. The move marks the first time Microsoft has required that partners be certified outside of its own Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program.

  • IBM offers encryption tool for in-transit data

    IBM has released encryption technology designed to allow businesses that use its zSeries mainframes to encrypt data tapes slated to be physically transferred to partners and remote sites. The idea is to give businesses a way to guard against the risk of data compromises resulting from the theft or accidental loss of data tapes while they're being transported, said Mary Moore, z/OS marketing manager.

  • Cisco updates endpoint security technology

    Cisco Systems has announced an enhanced version of its Network Admission Control (NAC) technology designed to help protect corporate networks against threats from insecure endpoint devices such as PCs and notebook computers.

  • Tools aim to give IT time for testing patches

    New tools are starting to become available to IT managers who are looking for ways to protect their systems from worms and other attacks while they work to test and install security patches issued by software vendors.

  • Citadel Security to offer software insurance

    Citadel Security Software has announced an insurance plan under which customers that use its Hercules vulnerability remediation product will be reimbursed for the cost of restoring systems or data if their networks are attacked and Citadel fails to meet its service-level agreements.

  • Zotob arrests point to cybercrime nexus

    The expanding investigation into this month's Zotob worm outbreak is uncovering evidence of the growing nexus between worm writers and gangs looking to profit from cybercrime, according to security experts.

  • Worm wave highlights need for speedier defenses

    The speed at which hackers were able to take advantage of newly disclosed software flaws makes its vital for companies to look beyond patching to broader and more holistic measures for controlling vulnerabilities, security experts said.