Stories by Tom Kaneshige

  • Virtualization's dirty little secrets

    Everyone knows that server virtualization shaves hardware clutter in the datacenter, boosts workloads, brings disaster recovery flexibility, slashes costs and basically saves the planet from nasty carbon emissions. But here's the dirty little secret: Many pitfalls await server virtualization adopters, and a stumble can ruin all your virtual dreams.

  • And still the spam comes...

    Tech vendors have made headway in the war on spam, yet spammers are returning volley with sheer numbers. Perhaps it's time for more drastic measures? These are the rumblings from InfoWorld Test Center analysts, who reviewed anti-spam email appliances and released their findings last week.

  • NetApp manages to keep its cool

    With its 7,000-square-foot datacenter nearing capacity, NetApp decided last year to squeeze more out of the space. By consolidating servers and replacing older hardware, the company created an energy-efficient, high-density facility with superior server utilization. That, in and of itself, is a worthy sustainable-tech project, but special kudos go to NetApp's unsung heroes who dealt with the upgraded datacenter's dirty little secret -- a whole lot of hot air.