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Stories by Michael Cooney

  • Outsourcing bonanza '06: trends you need to know about

    In the outsourcing world, 2006 was a year of change and acceptance. Change in that China and other countries are starting to take some business away from perennial offshoring giant, India, and acceptance in that it's no longer taboo in most circles to talk about outsourcing plans in public. In other words, for better or worse it has become a part of corporate culture. For this report we take a look at some of the driving forces in the outsourcing realm this year. Certainly some of these issues will continue to loom large in 2007 such as H1-B levels, China's rise and outsourced security concerns.

  • Sun set to outsource workers

    Sun Microsystems this week said it will outsource its internal information technology team to Computer Sciences Corp. in a contract worth US$360 million.