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Stories by Agam Shah

  • RIM makes gains in consumer market

    In its second quarter, Research In Motion reported better growth in its non-enterprise business than in the enterprise market, as the company continues to push into the consumer space.

  • A splash of colour

    HP could soon be telling shoppers what colour lipstick to buy or whether to go for the red or the blue jacket with its new colour-matching prototype technology. The Colour Match mobile service, developed by HP Labs, combines colour science, imaging science and mobile networking technology to match colours that complement each other. It then uses the results to provide product advice over a mobile phone.

  • Microsoft gets chatty with new Webcams

    Microsoft is expected to announce this week two videoconferencing Webcams that simplify online video chat and can create photo blog entries on Microsoft's MSN Spaces community site.

  • U3's CEO Purmal talks up smart USB drives

    Smart USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives based on U3's computing platform hit the market this week and will enable applications to run directly off the portable drives without relying on a host computer. SanDisk and Verbatim announced USB smart drives based on U3's platform, while software companies America Online and Mozilla ported applications to run on U3-compliant smart drives.

  • Sporty and rugged keyboard and mice

    Some product designers draw inspiration from the oddest items, as evidenced by mice that were developed with sneakers and Jeeps in mind. Both are inspirations behind new notebook mice recently announced by Microsoft Corp. and Logitech Inc., which have external rubber grips that make the mice rugged and easier to hold. While both companies continue to push the envelope in peripherals, Moscow-based Art Lebedev Studio could steal the keyboard spotlight with Optimus, which has OLED (organic light-emitting display) keys instead of printed keys. Also of note is the rugged T10, a portable music player from IRiver America.

  • Microsoft unveils all-in-one keyboard

    In an effort to clean up room clutter, Microsoft announced a wireless keyboard that combines a remote control, keyboard and mouse pointer all in one device, according to the company.