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Stories by Jon Gold

  • Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending August 31

    It's fair to say that the verdict in the landmark Samsung vs. Apple case could have been better for the Android manufacturer, as the jury dealt it a billion-dollar blow. Many pundits are already saying that the case could have broad ramifications for the rest of the Android world, scaring off hardware makers that couldn't absorb such a whopping judgment as easily as Samsung and forcing product redesigns that avoid potentially damaging legal trouble.

  • Ditching Postini, switching to Google Vault

    For the 12-strong IT department at Caraustar, a Georgia-based recycled paper packaging company, switching from Google Postini to the Google Vault email archiving and management service was a matter of saving time, as much as anything.

  • 5 reasons Android users won't switch to the iPhone 5

    The hype around the upcoming iPhone 5 - which is rapidly approaching the hysterical peak that we've all come to expect every time Apple rolls out a new model - has already generated a number of possible reasons for Google and its Android partners to worry about the device's impact.

  • 5 reasons Android users will switch to the iPhone 5

    Unless you've been living under a server farm for the past few months -- subsisting on Ethernet cables and waste heat -- you're probably aware that the iPhone 5 is likely to be released within the next month or so.

  • Twitter latest big name to join Linux Foundation

    The Linux Foundation will announce next week that Twitter has joined the organization, along with open source storage services company Inktank and high-performance data center manufacturer Servergy.

  • Android news and rumour round-up for the week ending August 24

    Releasing a new flagship Android device within even a few weeks of the upcoming iPhone 5 is probably not the greatest idea in the world, and that has cut into the amount of blockbuster Android goodness you can expect from this column. Nevertheless, plenty is going on in the world of Google Android.

  • Building a PC: Safety tips and handy online resources

    Finally, you've got all your components and you're ready to start building your PC. Before you dive straight in without reading the manuals for your products, let me just take a moment to laugh at you for being silly enough not to read the manuals. While I'm composing myself, here are key safety tips that everyone should know before trying to build a computer.

  • Building your first desktop PC

    I've long been curious about the process of building a computer from scratch, and, a couple of weeks ago, I finally took the plunge. While I was expecting a tortuous and highly technical process, the actual experience was far less painful.