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  • Can Cloud collaboration and data analytics cure cancer?

    After decades of research, the data needed to cure cancer exists, but, unfortunately, writes columnist Rob Enderle it’s not being shared or analyzed effectively. That may be changing thanks to Intel and Oregon Health and Science University.

  • How to pick the right fitness device for runners

    You want to get in better shape, and there are certainly enough electronic gadgets available that aim to help you get the job done. But that's not necessarily a good thing. The dizzying array of options catering to different budgets, objectives, or personal preferences can stop you in the tracks, even when picking out a seemingly simple device.

  • NEWS FEATURE: Kinect - more than just a toy

    When the Kinect for Xbox 360 was released in late 2010, it created a buzz in the video gaming industry that had not been seen in many years. A webcam-style add-on peripheral for Microsoft’s video game console, the Kinect eliminated the need for a traditional control pad and instead allows the user to interact with video games through body gestures and voice commands. While Kinect was a success, selling an excess of 10 million units as of March, it was still just a video game accessory that was locked to the Xbox 360 platform and its implementation did not go further than video games.