System Solutions' talking e-mail client

System Solutions' talking e-mail client

Sydney-based fax and voice solution developer System Solutions is distributing an NT-based unified messaging application for Lotus Notes workgroups.

With the aid of a PIN and password, end users can use MessagingAssistant to hear their e-mail messages played back in high quality text-to-speech.

Guided by voice prompts, users can sort through messages by date, subject, originator, or listen to all new messages. There is also the option to spell a person's name to retrieve messages sent by the originator.

MessagingAssistant can support an unlimited number of users at any one site from one or more Notes/Domino servers (Release 4.5 or higher). A single line supports up to 50 users and a single Pentium will support up to 500 users.

The product includes the Big Sky Remark NT-based voice server text-to-speech software, System Solutions FAX Server and telephony boards.

Systems Solutions has hinted at future versions of the product which will include the same unified messaging functionality for Exchange and Internet-based workgroups using the Internet mailbox as the universal mailbox.

MessagingAssistant software starts from $9995, and varies according to configuration.

System Solutions

Tel (02) 9955 6522.

Fax (02) 9955 4616


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