APP OF THE DAY: Minecraft

APP OF THE DAY: Minecraft

Get crafting

- Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Cost: $7.49 | Developer: Mojang | Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (reviewed on iPad) | Version: 0.1.2 | 2.9 MB |

Minecraft has been an absolute revolution in the games industry. Developed by the smallest of indie developers, the game introduced a whole new financing model for games development (ask people to pre-pay for the game, and give them an early build, then keep updating it as you go).

Minecraft – Pocket Edition seems to be following that philosophy. In paying $7.49; a real premium by iOS game standards, you get the most basic of Minecraft game modes: called ‘builder,’ it simply allows you to destroy and add Minecraft’s distinctive blocks to a landscape to make shapes, houses and the like.

Later updates will introduce more of a “game.” There will be enemies to fight, objects to craft, and more materials.

The question is: do you wait for that update, or buy the game now and enjoy elements as they are added in? The builder mode is actually good, if aimless fun, so while there’s not nearly enough content to justify the $7.49 price tag right now, it’s not a complete waste of money, and there’s plenty more to come.

Pros: This is going to be a spectacular experience on iPad down the track

Cons: It’s not worth $7.49 at the moment

Verdict: It’s worth playing, if only so you can understand what is going to be one of the most influential games of all time.

Get it here: Apple App Store

This app was reviewed on a iPad

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