Emerson infographic shows data explosion

Emerson infographic shows data explosion

Latest release presents some startling figures

Data production of all types has increased dramatically along with reliance on IT according to Emerson network power’s 2013 state of the datacentre infographic.

The release follows the infrastructure company’s 2011 infographic and illustrates a continuation of the trends it outlined.

According to Emerson, there are over 665 million Facebook users that is one in every nine people on the planet. This means that if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world.

In 2013 global e-commerce sales topped $1.25 trillion that is greater than the gross domestic product of Mexico.

Every minute nearly 28,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram. That is more than 40 million each day.

One-quarter of viewers online will not watch a video if it buffers for at least five seconds. If the video takes ten or more seconds to buffer, half of the potential viewers will disappear.

Emerson estimates that 172 million e-readers were sold in 2013, which is nearly six times the amount sold in 2011.

1.9 trillion gigabytes of data is estimated to be created in the coming year. Emerson said this is equivalent to 118 billion 16GB iPhones, or 16 for every person on the planet.

Every hour enough information is created to fill 46.1 million DVDs. If these were stacked end to end they would scale Mt. Everest 569 times.

Emerson says that datacentres average one complete outage per year at an average cost of $901,560 per outage. Since 2011 the total number of outages has decreased by 20 per cent, but the total cost of outages has increased by 33 per cent.

Emerson Network Power in Asia senior director for marketing and solutions, Russell Perry, commented that the data center plays an increasingly critical role in supporting operations as the world grows more digital each day.

“Technologies have pushed the world to move at a faster pace, and businesses must keep up to meet service-level agreements with their customers,” he said.

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