Borland's Kylix in limbo

Borland's Kylix in limbo

Borland Software's Kylix development software remains in limbo, with no new release having been issued for a year and the company not saying whether there will be an upgrade.

Kylix is a rapid application development environment for Linux that supports both C++ and Delphi development. An attendee at the BorCon conference in San Jose, California, this week expressed doubt, during a question and answer session, that the company would ever upgrade the product.

"If you can't resuscitate the patient, remove the feeding tube," the attendee said. "Don't just let it linger in a vegetative state." Borland's Michael Swindell, director of product development for Delphi 8, would only say that the company has not announced any upgrade plans.

"We haven't announced the road map for the next version of [Kylix]," Swindell said.

When asked if there would even be an upgrade, he responded, "That's the same question for any product."

Borland Chief Technology Officer, Blake Stone, stressed the company's C++Builder as an alternative to Kylix.

"We do listen," he said. "We do pay a lot of attention to what the community is telling us, and the community told us they need a solution that is fairly different than Kylix. I think our C++Builder gives Kylix people a taste of what they're looking for."

But the company was listening to the user feedback, he said.

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