Pegasystems acquires OpenSpan

Pegasystems acquires OpenSpan

Partnership seeks to combine robotics, analytics and case management to better customer experience

Enterprise software company, Pegasystems, has acquired robotic process automation (RPA) and workforce analytics company, OpenSpan.

The merger looks to better employee productivity and consequently, customer experience as OpenSpan RPA technology can enable employees to focus their energy on customer experience rather than on routine desktop tasks.

By integrating OpenSpan capabilities with Pegasystems’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application suite and Business Process Management (BPM) platforms, the acquisition unifies robotics and workforce analytics with case management and real-time analytics.

Pegasystems vice-president and managing director, Luke McCormack, said the acquisition spawned from an early discussion between both parties and the discovery of a shared vision for desiring to improve customer experience and the productivity of clients’ employees.

McCormack added that following the merger, Pegasystems is placed in a unique position as it is the only company able to offer CRM, BPM and RPA and workforce analytics.

“The acquisition will also help us to further our mission to digitally transform companies and evolve those legacy CRM systems of record into dynamic systems of engagement that will propel growth for our customers. No other vendor can provide the breadth of options Pegasystems can now offer to improve operational efficiency, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and drive productivity,” he added.

“This will give us a major advantage in A/NZ where we feel many local organisations would see an immediate impact from robotics. Since OpenSpan staff is already in place in the region, we can hit the ground running and work together to seize the expected opportunity ahead.”

McCormack said prior to the acquisition, Pegasystems was routinely asked by local chief operating officers and operation heads about its robotics capabilities.

“They want a complete CRM solution that not only helps drive and improve customer engagement but also automates routine tasks from end to end. Today, we can tell them we’re the only company that can deliver this, so we believe this will generate strong interest from the A/NZ market,” he added.

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OpenSpan chief executive, Eric Musser, said, “By integrating with Pegasystems’ proven applications and platform, we believe we can advance robotic automation and desktop analytics in exciting new directions that will change the way businesses interact with their customers.”

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