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AWS adds new enterprise pricing tier for Amazon CodeCatalyst

AWS adds new enterprise pricing tier for Amazon CodeCatalyst

The new pricing tier includes a custom blueprint feature that allows enterprises to encapsulate best practices for application code, workflows, and infrastructure.

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At its ongoing re:Invent 2023 conference, AWS on Monday added a new enterprise pricing tier to its cloud-based development tool, dubbed Amazon CodeCatalyst.

The enterprise tier is $20 per user per month, and each enterprise tier space gets 1,500 compute minutes, 160 development environment hours, and 64GB of development environment storage per paying user, the cloud services provider said.

The other tiers available include the free tier and the standard tier. While the free tier allows usage of up to 2,000 compute minutes, 60 development environment hours, and a maximum aggregate limit of 64 GB of development environment storage, the standard tier, which costs $4/user per month, allows usage of up to 3,000 compute minutes, 200 development environment hours, and a maximum aggregate limit of 128GB of development environment storage.  

Additionally, the enterprise tier offers project management features along with another exclusive feature, dubbed custom blueprints.

“With custom blueprints, enterprises can define various elements of your CodeCatalyst project, like workflow definitions, infrastructure as code (IaC), and application code. When custom blueprints are updated, those changes are reflected in any project using the blueprint as a pull request update,” AWS wrote in a blog post.

Custom blueprints reduce the overhead in setting up projects and help ensure compliance with best practices, AWS said.

In order to set up blueprints and codify best practices, enterprise teams need to access the CodeCatalyst console and then access the setting tab, which houses the blueprints menu.

Once the team readies the best practices, the blueprint can be published to be used by development teams of that particular enterprise, AWS said.

The Amazon CodeCatalyst enterprise tier is currently available in the US West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) Regions. However, AWS said that it can be deployed to any commercial Region. 

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