Stories by Susan Searle

  • ​Australian economy leads as a disruptor

    Australia is ranked as a disruptor economy based on its readiness to thrive in today’s digital world, according to an an inaugural APJ study commissioned by CA Technologies and carried out by research consulting firm, TRPC.

  • FAST FORWARD: Immediate gratification

    We're in the wrong business! In its weekend debut in the US the Spider-Man movie broke every previous record, accommodating $US114 million worth of patrons' bottoms. We all thought Harry Potter's mass of mini bottoms on cinema seats was magic, but it seems the marketing muscle driving Spider-Man has signalled new benchmarks for Hollywood.

  • FAST FORWARD: Mile-high networking

    Networking is a much-maligned word in this new manic millennium. Last century, hubs, routers and cables used to be the pinnacle of corporate connectivity. But today it's about network management, services and enablement. And now you don't have to be restricted to networking at work. You can do it in your small office. Or at home. You can even be virtual and private about it.

  • FAST FORWARD: Private and Congenial

    Everybody sees our right to privacy as motherhood-given, but did the legislators think of the profound effect the law would have on the lonely hearts of this world?

  • EDITORIAL: Riders on the storm

    My guess is that not many of us choose the career we end up in. It's different if you did a traditional qualification like law or medicine and continued through to the appropriate profession, but most of us involved with IT seem to have arrived by default.

  • EDITORIAL: Not happy, Jan

    I'm over it. For months now we have been hearing that this temporary hiatus in economic success was due to the GST, the Olympics, the crash, the post wash up . . . Whatever, it would recover and no, we weren't having a recession so everything would come back. Well it's August and now I'm hearing that things will be back by mid 2002 and frankly that's not very reassuring.

  • FAST FORWARD: Business lunch blues

    Whatever happened to lunch? No I don't mean sandwich at the desk, laksa at the food court, muesli bar at the train station. I mean "lunch" lunch. "Let's do lunch". Restaurants. Wine.