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Stories by Stephen Withers

  • yARN: Silver Surfers - a view from the wave

    ARN’s Allan Swann recently reported Gartner vice-president David Furlonger’s warning that the IT industry should pay more attention to older users, the so-called Silver Surfers. You’d better believe it.

  • yARN: Microsoft keeps tight grip on Surface distribution

    Microsoft’s Surface products don’t seem to be setting the world on fire, and I can’t help wondering whether that’s because the number of places you can buy the tablets has been extremely limited. So far, the options have been Microsoft’s online store, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.

  • yARN: Bricks and clicks

    One of the ways that ‘real world’ retailers are trying to play to their strengths is by allowing customers to order online and then collect the goods from a convenient branch.

  • yARN: Phone grumbles

    There’s a shift going on with phone numbers, and curiously things are moving in opposite directions at the same time.

  • yARN: Time to have your say ...

    The Australian Law Reform Commission enquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy has the potential to affect the lives of practically all Australians, so you owe it to yourself to put forward your views on the matter.

  • yARN: Are the browser wars back?

    Ah yes, the browsers wars - do you remember the early days of the commercial web when it seemed just about everybody was using Netscape Navigator? And then Microsoft pushed back with Internet Explorer to eventually take what seemed an unassailable market share, a perspective that overlooked the fact that Internet Explorer had come from being the new kid on the block.

  • yARN: Are we in for a fresh wave of interest in virtual desktops?

    The traditional reason for considering virtual desktops in place of conventional PCs has been TCO, with much of the saving coming from the ongoing management and administration benefits. But those savings largely accrued because of the difficulty of managing large numbers of PCs, so small businesses couldn’t really benefit unless they went down the DaaS (desktop as a service) route.