Stories by Yardena Arar

  • Sony Ericsson, Samsung Battle for Megapixel Supremacy

    How many megapixels can you squeeze into a cell phone? On the eve of the big Mobile World Congress wireless telecom trade show here in Barcelona, Spain, the race is on. At pre-show press conferences, Samsung and Sony Ericsson between them unveiled three handsets, each with cameras boasting at least as many megapixels as my current Canon point-and-shoot (a PowerShot SD1100 with 8 megapixels).

  • Bluetooth to work with Wi-Fi

    A future version of Bluetooth will be able to increase throughput for sending videos, music, and other high-bandwidth applications by using a nearby Wi-Fi network, the group in charge of Bluetooth development says.

  • CES - GPS navigation gets smarter

    The GPS gold rush is in full swing at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, with industry veterans introducing increasingly sophisticated navigation systems while newcomers try to get a foot in the door.

  • Migrate files from XP to Vista

    Moving tends to be stressful and migrating apps and files from a Windows XP PC to a Windows Vista system is no exception. Belkin's Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista ($79.95) and Laplink's PCmover for Windows Vista ($89) can do some (though not all) of the heavy lifting involved in transferring programs and data to a new PC, but their help varies in quality and quantity.

  • 3GSM - HP enters the cell phone fray

    Hewlett Packard Monday unveiled its first smart phone, a slimmed-down iPaq that will be among the first Windows Mobile 6 handsets when it appears, probably in late spring, officials say.

  • MACWORLD - New Office for Mac coming

    Office for Mac users who've been wondering about a new version -- and Office 2007 compatibility -- got some answers on Tuesday as Microsoft said it will ship Office for Mac 2008 by year's end.

  • CES - Living in a 3G world

    With Cingular, Sprint, and Verizon all operating super-fast 3G networks, cell phone vendors are starting to design handsets that can make good use of the bandwidth -- and the carriers are rolling out services to help.

  • CES - DLP meets LED

    LEDs have been the next big thing in backlit display technology for some time, and Samsung now couples an LED light source with Texas Instruments' popular DLP rear projection technology in a 57-inch 1080p set, the HL-S5679W.

  • Next-generation digital services initiated

    A bit out of the limelight of the flashy product announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, key cable-industry figures have announced deployments of new technology that should speed up development of digital TV products such as DVRs and two-way digital cable-ready sets.

  • Windows Vista looks slicker, safer

    The first beta of Microsoft's Windows Vista clearly shows where the operating system is headed. Rather than a dramatic departure from Windows XP, Vista seems to refine the OS with sharper graphics and improved search and security. The new interface and other changes are definitely for the better, but some aspects of Vista - including its Virtual Folders - are a bit puzzling. Described by company executives as "a plumbing release" containing only about half the features users will receive in the shipping version (still said to be on track for rollout in late 2006), Build 5112, aka Beta 1, was released on July 27 to 10,000 technical testers, with an additional half million IT pros and developers gaining access to the code (if not to tech support) via their respective Microsoft support groups.