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Stories by Melanie Pinola

  • Ballmer quotes Microsoft Surface pricing: $US300 to $US800

    In the suspense-filled lead-up to the release of its Surface tablets, Microsoft has declined to discuss how much the devices will actually cost - until now, at least. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, hinted at a pricing ballpark: $US300 to "$US700 or $US800," quelling rumors that the Surface RT would sell at the bargain, Kindle Fire-esque price of $US199.

  • Are netbooks finally biting the dust?

    Pretty soon, perhaps, we won't have to ask whether netbooks are finally dead. According to Taiwanese trade paper DigiTimes, the top two netbook manufacturers, Asus and Acer, have at long last abandoned the inexpensive, low-powered netbook.

  • The best business-friendly Ultrabooks

    Razor-thin, lightweight Ultrabooks are all the rage in Windows laptops now. Though most Ultrabooks are designed more for the living room than for the boardroom, business customers don't have to feel left out in the cold. We've rounded up five excellent Ultrabooks that combine sleek designs with business-class features and performance.

  • Which Ultrabooks have user-replaceable batteries? Too few

    Most new super-thin laptops, including Ultrabooks and the Retina MacBook Pro, are designed so consumers can’t change the batteries themselves. This is a big issue if you plan on keeping your new laptop for more than two years or want to hand it down to someone else later.

  • Leaked Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs WIndows 8

    Back in May, Lenovo indicated that the company was working on a ThinkPad tablet running Windows 8. Details were sparse, though--all we knew at the time was that the tablet would have an Intel processor and tie into a cloud service Lenovo is building.

  • Images of Sony Xperia tablet leaked online

    Photos of one of Sony's next-generation Xperia tablets have been leaked online, showing a device that boasts a number of features and accessories including a keyboard cover/stand just like the one for Microsoft's Surface tablet.

  • Next up for Ultrabook laptops: 3D displays, sensors, and HD screens

    Ultrabooks have made a lot of progress as the hottest ultrathin Windows laptops on the market, but the features we've seen so far may be just the tip of the iceberg. Third-generation Ultrabooks will likely sport more advanced features than currently available, including high-definition displays, new types of sensors, 3D screens, and more.

  • Smartphones and laptops: New ways to pair them

    Each new gadget brings speculation about what older device it will replace--full-featured laptops supplant desktops, while ever-smarter phones relieve you from carrying a laptop on occasion. But don't overlook the partnerships that can result. Soon, for instance, you’ll be able to use an Ultrabook to charge your phone wirelessly, or you'll be able to transfer files by tapping your smartphone to a laptop lid.

  • Windows 8 hybrid laptop-tablets take centre stage at Computex

    The Computex technology show in Taipei - one of Asia's largest - started Sunday with a bang, showcasing hybrid laptop/tablets running Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS. The first laptops out of the gate are Windows 8 tablets with detachable docks from Asus and Acer and a sliding tablet PC from MSI.