Stories by Howard Dahdah

  • Peer support helps Telstra’s supply chain move

    Before migrating its procurement process to a hosted IBM service, a deal which has so far saved it hundreds of millions of dollars, Telstra not only did an evaluative check on the best technology for the job, it also had talks with its peers to ensure it would make the right decision.

  • SaaS An Easy Sell For This CIO

    The tasks in Laef Olson’s working hours can be rather varied. Olson, who is the CIO at Software-as-a-Service vendor RightNow Technologies is on the one hand responsible for IT security and the organisation’s information systems, while on the other he spruiks the strategy and vision for the company's on-demand hosting platform. On many occasions Olson gets a direct audience with company CIOs. What makes it easier for Olson to get traction to the upper levels of management is his past. He has been group vice president of global technology operations of Travelport and Orbitz Worldwide. And before that CTO of In these roles he was also a consumer of SaaS products. It is that experience that he uses to relate to customers when on the road. Olson briefly stopped over in Australia last month where <i>CIO Magazine</i> asked him about the maturity of SaaS.

  • The A-Z of Programming Languages: Bourne shell, or sh

    On this occasion we speak to Steve Bourne, creator of the Bourne shell, or sh. In the early 1970s Bourne was at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge, England working on a compiler for Algol68 as part of his PhD work in dynamical astronomy. This work paved the way for him to travel to IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center in New York in 1973, in part to undertake research into compilers. Through this work, and a series of connections and circumstance, Bourne got to know people at Bell Labs who then offered him a job in the Unix group in 1975. It was during this time Bourne developed sh.

  • Avanade MD makes his case for cloud computing

    With Microsoft increasingly talking up cloud computing it is not unexpected that Avanade, the consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform, and which was co-founded by Microsoft, is starting to talk up the benefits of running services in the cloud. To get a little more of a local insight where he thinks the market is positioned and what Avanade can offer organisations, we spoke to Craig Dower, managing director, Avanade Australia.

  • Hiring levels show local security industry resilient to recession

    If employee headcount is any indicator, security is one industry which the recession is having no impact on. In fact, according to several vendors in Australia, the need for organisations to stay secure, regardless of the economic climate, is leading to an increase in staff numbers.

  • Power failure cuts off Optus customers

    Some Optus corporate customers in the Sydney CBD experienced an interruption to their telephony and DSL services on Monday afternoon following a power failure in one of the telco’s data centres.

  • ATO again the target of phishing scam

    Just like it did this time last year, the Australian Tax Office is again warning taxpayers of a fraudulent email being circulated that claims to offer citizens a tax refund.

  • Minchin: 2008 a year of broadband stagnation

    Instead of having a high speed national broadband structure in place, Australia will enter the new year with confusion and further delays in realising its broadband dream. That’s shadow communications minister Nick Minchin's assessment of Senator Stephen Conroy’s 2008 efforts on delivering broadband to the people.