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Remote Connectivity Solves Unexpected Problems, in Unexpected Places

Remote Connectivity Solves Unexpected Problems, in Unexpected Places

It’s not just for helpdesks, anymore.

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When support teams use remote access tools to simplify and streamline IT services it is called remote support. Simply put, instead of handling IT issues over the phone or in person, support technicians can remote in to computers or mobile devices to troubleshoot issues, install updates, configure settings, and deploy programs easily and effectively.

And while remote access and support remain common uses of remote connectivity, now there are many more applications. With widespread internet availability and the ever-increasing number of internet-enabled devices, companies can use remote connectivity in unexpected ways.

The role of the IT consultant

At its core, remote connectivity technology increases efficiency and access, both of which most companies – no matter the industry— want to improve. The role of the IT consultant is to ask customers what business problems they are trying to solve and then guide them to the best remote access solution that fits their needs. As most internet-enabled devices can be set up for remote access, there are countless ways to help your customers improve their business processes.

Increasing efficiency for high-tech aquaculture

At first glance, aquaculture (or fish farming) and remote connectivity seem to exist in very different worlds, at opposite ends of the online/offline and high-tech/low-tech spectrums.  But this isn’t the case.  While the basic activities of fish farming are certainly low-tech, diving into this realm will show that technology has an important role to play here, too.

Business owners often manage several aquaculture enclosures in different geographical locations, away from each other to minimise disease transmission. Their most important priorities are keeping the fish well-fed and healthy so they can be captured, harvested, and sold for a profit. Trawlers (or commercial fishing vessels) approach the enclosures at regular intervals to catch and process the fish.

Their main problem? Catching fish is not easy, as they escape in all directions when trawlers approach. And this makes capturing the fish both time-consuming and arduous. But there is a technological solution for this. By remotely managing the feeding systems so they coordinate with the trawler’s location, and feeding the fish at precisely the right time, the fish swim towards the net instead of away from it.

That’s bad news for the fish, but great for trawlers.

Getting on-demand expert help

There is a shortage of highly skilled technicians who specialise in the high-tech precision machinery used in various industries, including manufacturing and agriculture. If your customer uses any type of specialised equipment, their main problem maybe how to get expert help in a timely manner for installations, maintenance, and repairs. Depending on the distance between your customer and the expert, getting assistance can be both costly and time-consuming.  

Remote connectivity can dramatically increase expert availability, especially when remote access capabilities are built in during the development of machine control panels. With integrated remote access, machines can be maintained and configured remotely, without requiring specialists to be there in person. Instead of scrambling to schedule technicians, your customers can count on remote experts to be available, on-demand, when needed.

What’s more, remote support is not just about accessing and repairing software. New solutions with augmented reality allow remote experts to provide specialised guidance to on-site staff, helping them in real time with intricate steps to adjust screws, buttons, ports, wires, levers, and more — directly on equipment and machines.

Remote connectivity helps customers maximise efficiency and support in virtually all industries

The use cases for remote connectivity apply across the board: from retail and industrial manufacturing to health care, astronomy, education and transportation. And that means there are virtually limitless opportunities for remote connectivity to solve unexpected problems, in unexpected places, in unexpected ways.

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