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Forget Wi-Fi 5 – it’s time to choose the best Wi-Fi 6 for your business

Forget Wi-Fi 5 – it’s time to choose the best Wi-Fi 6 for your business

Whether your business is planning to deploy a new wireless network or upgrade an existing WLAN, the question is not a choice between Wi-Fi 5 (also known as 802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 6. The real decision is which Wi-Fi 6 vendor is best for you.

Wi-Fi 6 offers significant benefits over its predecessor. It supports more concurrent users, delivers faster performance and offers better coverage than businesses have ever managed before. Whether you’re responsible for the network in a hospital, stadium, retail centre or any other environment where there is a high density of users and devices – a growing challenge as IoT continues to expand its footprint – Wi-Fi 6 is the clear choice when it comes to upgrading your wireless network.

Choosing Wi-Fi 6 is a decision that ensures the longevity of your investment. If you choose to continue deploying Wi-Fi 5 then the best you can expect is a three year life for your new assets. And during that time, the client devices you add to your network will come with Wi-Fi 6. Unless you take the Wi-Fi 6 path, those devices won’t receive the full benefits they offer. And, in the world of IoT devices, many will rely on Wi-Fi 6 as they use less power and the new standard supports more devices per access point.

Wi-Fi 6 also offers improved performance for Wi-Fi 5 end-point devices. So, while your fleet of end-point devices is upgraded over time, your older devices will see immediate benefits.

With the question of whether to move to Wi-Fi 6 or stick with Wi-Fi 5 settled, the next conundrum to solve is which Wi-Fi 6 vendor to choose. Which Wi-Fi 6 solution will offer you the best possible performance for the longest possible time? Are you thinking about your plans for the next three years? What about the next five? Or perhaps even seven years ahead.

The Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 offers the best performance of any Wi-Fi 6 hardware available – twice as fast as the industry average with latency that’s 50% lower than the industry average. And that performance is delivered over a wider range through Huawei’s Smart Antenna which boosts coverage range by 20%. And Smart Radio ensures that as users roam between access points that connectivity is maintained

Whether the need is for your office, campus, retail, manufacturing or hospitality, Wi-Fi 6 is the clear choice. Where IoT devices and other high-density needs emerge, Wi-Fi 6 is the only choice.

That leading-edge performance doesn’t come with a bleeding edge price tag – delivering industry leading Wi-Fi 6 performance while matching the price of older Wi-Fi 5 equipment. If you were buying Wi-Fi 5 equipment today, you’ll be facing a hardware refresh in three years or sooner. Replacement with other Wi-Fi 6 equipment might add a couple of years to that, getting you five years before your next refresh. But Huawei’s superior performance means you can expect up to seven years before the need for an update. Along with the lower initial cost, you can expect far greater value from your investment.

Click here, to learn more about Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 and how to maximise the return on your wireless network investment.

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