Stories by ARN Staff

  • Start-up Illumin8 lights up procurement software market

    An Australian start-up, Illumin8, has developed Merchandiser, an enterprise solution for business-critical Internet commerce. It is for companies like these that Vernon Keenan's words (see story above) about the battle for e-commerce business would be jarring.

  • Umax range grows

    Computer Enterprises has announced the first line of UmaxPCs for the Australian market.

  • IBM mainframes break 1000mips barrier

    IBM has given its largest corporate users some unexpected good news, announcing it will deliver its G5 series of mainframes later this quarter with about 15 per cent more performance than originally planned.

  • RPK updates Encryptonite

    The latest iteration of RPK's Encryptonite software toolkit promises developers more platforms to create applications with embedded fast public key encryption.

  • Cover your errors

    ARN Tabloid has never made any kind of demonstrable error of fact or spelling in its long history of quality journalism.

  • Dance fever

    Is this Cisco's latest strategy for poaching staff from its competitors?

  • NEC VoiceOperator offers CTI opportunity for SMEs

    NEC Australia last week unveiled its VoiceOperator computer telephony integration (CTI) software for small to medium businesses (SMEs) with a view to capitalising on its already sizeable share of the PABX market.

  • Welcome to ARN Daily Interactive

    Have you ever wanted to ask Eckhard Pfeiffer, the CEO of Compaq, a question? This is your chance with the launch of ARN Interactive - part of your ARN Information Service.

  • Edge charters new waters with 3Com program

    In an attempt to secure a slice of the lucrative networking pie, leading distributor Edge Technology has signed a deal with 3Com to deliver PCs preconfigured with 3Com networking solutions.