Stories by ARN Staff

  • Microsoft cracks yet another piracy scam

    In yet another message to the channel about the perils of piracy, Microsoft has executed a search and seize order against a local dealer, Computer Interchange (known as 'NCI') following a detailed investigation into the company's chain of stores in Sydney and Newcastle.

  • Tax office cracks $694,000 sales tax fraud racket

    The Australian Tax Office's (ATO's) purge on sales tax cheats continued yesterday with two men charged and jailed for their part in defrauding the Commonwealth of sales tax on PC equipment. In total, $694,625 in sales tax was evaded by the two men through businesses known as Evergood Trading, Malaya Trading and Deluxe Supplies.

  • Hitachi reorganises distribution, consumer groups

    Hitachi Australia has reorganised internally following dissatisfaction with its distributor model as well as blurring of the boundaries between consumer products and multimedia. Hitachi has also seen a shift retail channel as a result of its admission that its traditional distributor model has not worked to the company's satisfaction

  • Microsoft releases Visual Studio 6.0

    Microsoft yesterday launched version 6.0 of its Visual Studio suite of development tools at its TechEd conference in Sydney. Its new features include improved integration among the tools, greater platform interoperability, and enhanced support for distributed application development, with new Web development tools and expanded data access capabilities.

  • Acer cracks major Treasury deal

    Acer and its Canberra-based reseller Dataflex have won a major tender to supply desktop PCs to the Commonwealth Treasury of Australia. Dataflex's involvement is key to the deal, and the initial rollout of 300 PCs was expected to be completed by the end of last month.

  • Cognos releases DataMerchant 2.0

    Cognos has announced a new version of its DataMerchant product for packaging, distributing, metering and selling database information over the Internet, extranets or intranets.

  • COM+ hits the streets

    Microsoft has released the first iteration of COM+, an update to its Component Object Model (COM).

  • Solaris, Inprise to team up

    Inprise and Sun Microsystems will work together to develop Inprise development tools for the Solaris platform, the com- panies announced recently at Inprise's user conference.