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Stories by Jon Brodkin

  • Top 10 network venture deals from Q1

    Venture capital investment in network companies hit another low during the first quarter, with the total number of investments dropping to its lowest point since the third quarter of 2004.

  • INTEROP - Virtual server sprawl highlights security concerns

    Think server sprawl is bad now? Just wait till you experience virtual server sprawl. When users can clone a virtual machine with the click of a mouse, or save versions of applications and operating systems for later use, you're asking for trouble if IT doesn't maintain tight control, virtualisation management vendor, Embotics, warned in a session at Interop Las Vegas Tuesday.

  • Salesforce CEO touts Internet development model CEO Marc Benioff swung through Boston Tuesday to tout his company's "platform-as-a-service" model, which lets developers create and deliver business applications over the Web without installing any software.

  • IBM says 'racetrack' memory faster, more reliable than flash

    An IBM research breakthrough could let storage devices hold hundreds of times more information than they handle today with technology IBM calls "racetrack memory," which stores data as a magnetic pattern on a nanowire 1,000 times finer than a human hair.

  • Eclipse grows beyond Java tools

    Mike Milinkovich is the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, a nonprofit that oversees an open source community focused on application development tools. Founded by IBM in 2001, Eclipse became independently managed in 2004 and now boasts that more than 4 million people worldwide use Eclipse and Eclipse-based products. EBay, for example, used Eclipse to build much of its online architecture. Milinkovich this week discussed the Eclipse organization and its goals with Senior Writer Jon Brodkin.

  • Swimming pool heated by data center's excess heat

    Swimmers in Zurich, Switzerland, will enjoy a nice toasty pool this summer, thanks to a most unusual power source. Excess heat from an underground data center built inside a former military bunker is being collected and transferred to the nearby pool as part of an innovative energy efficiency project undertaken by GIB-Services, a Swiss IT co-location company.