Stories by Lucas Mearian

  • EMC keeps focus on high-end Symmetrix

    Data storage market leader EMC last week announced three new Symmetrix disk arrays, saying they offer users twice the raw storage capacity and 16 times the number of mainframe Escon connections supported by the company's existing devices.

  • US ATTACK: The toll of terror on Wall Street

    Financial services firms may have to spend billions of dollars to replace IT equipment and software in the wake of this week's terrorist attack on New York's World Trade Center, said industry experts. But customer and business-critical data appear to have been saved by robust automated remote data-backup technologies and effective disaster-prevention strategies.

  • EMC disputes Compaq 'lead' in storage

    EMC, which has long proclaimed itself the data storage market leader, was miffed today over statements by Compaq Computer that two research firms say it now dominates the storage marketplace.

  • Compaq lays out its storage strategy

    Compaq announced this week it has plotted a course for its future storage products that will take it into the storage over the Internet protocol arena as well as lead to the release of a series of hardware and software products targeted at both small business and Fortune 500 firms.

  • Fujitsu exits 3.5-inch disk drive business

    Fujitsu Computer Products, America has announced it will phase out production and sales of 3.5-inch desktop disk drives over the next two years to focus on 2.5-inch drives targeted for use in servers, storage arrays, mobile devices and other non-PC applications.

  • Gartner: 50 percent fewer banks will remain

    Banks that rebuild their foundations on e-commerce through technology alliances will be the survivors in a period of increased mergers and acquisitions in the financial services industry, according to a report.The report also predicts new technology and competition over the next six years will leave the marketplace with half as many players.

  • IT spending cuts hurt EMC again

    Once again blaming the slowdown in IT spending brought on by softening economy, EMC today warned that its financial results will fall well short of expectations for the second straight quarter.

  • Future of storage eyed at Gartner conference

    While it's still more than five years away from happening, the Internet will eventually act as the plumbing to connect vast oceans of cheap disk storage within companies, Gartner analysts predicted here yesterday.

  • Storage flies on Pixie Dust technology

    IBM has announced that it has begun mass-producing a magnetic coating technology that will eventually allow a quadrupling of the amount of data that can be stored on a single hard disk.

  • EMC to prune back workforce by 4 per cent

    In what was described as its first bona fide layoffs, storage industry leader EMC today announced plans to cut its workforce by 4 per cent through the dismissal of about 1,100 employees during the next few weeks.